(Revell 7550 , 1:24)

The MAN TGA is well known on the roads. It represents a typical modern European truck. The low XL cab often is used for the transport of construction goods. The kit is supplied by Revell of Germany. It is based on Italeri's MAN TGA (no. 3811) however it differs in the cab. Italeri offers the big XXL cab whereas Revell offers the lower standard cab (XL). Several modifications have been carried out:

  • working front steering
  • modified hubs on the rear axle
  • shortened wheelbase
  • better detailed interior
  • additional roof storage and company sign
  • complete susie park for the trailer connetion

The trailer connectors are another addition. Several parts from M&G Mouldings and Revell have been used. The hoses are self made.  The holes of the 5th wheel frame were drilled out with a 0.8mm drill. The rims is an aftermarket part supplied by M&G Mouldings. The super single tires are home made. 

Unfortunately Italeri's New Concept kits do not offer maneuverable front wheels. But this can be changed with a little effort. First of all a 1mm hole is drilled through the wheel connector into the axle. Then the wheel connectors are separated from the axle using a knife. As a next step a 1mm round rod is glued in the hole of the axle. The wheel mounting can be slipped over this pin. The lower support (bottom part in the photo) is made out of a L profil. The support is held onto the wheel mounting to determine the correct position of the hole to be drilled. After drilling the hole the lower support is slipped over the pin of the axle and then glued to the wheel mounting.


The wheelbase of the chassis has been shortened. The photo shows the cuts of the chassis. The small parts were removed and the chassis re-joined. A small piece of plastic sheet is glued at the joint from the inside. This stregthens the chassis at the joint. The rear fenders have been cut away as well as the chassis should be painted in a different color.

Another problem area of the MAN TGA kit is the big hole between the front fenders due to the missing engine. The hole is covered by several small sheets of plastic (white parts in the photo) which simulate the engine cover. The front fenders have been extended on the front side as well.

As the MAN should have no deflectors the side deflectors had to be removed. 


The kit does not include any interior wall trim. therefore the rear panel is covered with a sheet of plastic. The interior then is completely covered with flock material to hide the insufficient interior details. The interior has been fitted with some additional details to add interest.


Die kit hubs (left) have been replaced by more correct hubs (right). Therefore the kit hub has to be removed (middle). The steps are drilled with a 0.8mm drill. The outlet of the exhaust is drilled out and painted black. It is easily done and adds a more realistic appearance.