MAN TGS Wrecker

(Emek , Italeri , 1:24)

The following parts were used:

  • Chassis: Emek MAN TGA 3-axle
  • Cab: Emek MAN TGA
  • Wrecker body: Italeri (taken from the kit no. 3808)
  • Accessories: Italeri Accessories No. 776

The loading crane is supplied by Italeri kit No. 776. The crane is fully operational. The self made hydraulic pipes add some extra detail. The tank stripes are covered with a chromed tape. The side markers are photo etched parts supplied by KFS. Furthermore the interior is painted as well to show more of the details. 

A first test fit shows whether all parts will fit together. Furthermore it shows whether things look right. However the first test fit has shown that the wrecker body sits too high. So a correction is required. After removing the black supporting frame things look right now.


Priming the parts help to identify those areas which need some rework and adjustements.


As the wrecker frame and the chassis frame have different widths some improvisation was necessary. The front bumper also is modified in order to house a which. The supporting frame for the crane almost is scratch built from plasstic strips and the inner side of the wrecker body is completed with additional rear fenders. Finally hydraulic lines are added which are made of telephone cable and silver wire.