Mercedes Unimog 401

(Lassen-Project No. 8000, 1:24)

The Unimog 401 is the first major project of Lassen-Project. The kit is one of the best truck kits ever produced. The quality of this kit is comparable to Tamiya standard. The model has been produced with the dedication to each detail. Therefore it is justified that Lassen-Project recieved the award 'Model of the Year 2000' from the leading German modeling magazine Modell-Fan. I built the model right out of the box and there was almost no need for additional detailing.


The typical colors of the Unimog are a black chassis, red rims and a dark green body with a beige tarpaulin. But why has my Unimog a different color scheme? Well, here is the short (but imaginary) story: The current owner of the Unimog bought it in a rather worn condition. During restoring the Unimog he asked himself about the color. He decided to paint the Unimog in the livery of his own transportation company. He intended to use the Unimog at his company yard as multi purpose vehicle.


The pictures show the completed model. The different hood variants are possible because the parts need not to be glued together. So you may combine them as you want. Another big credit point for this model kit.

The pictures above show how much Lassen-Project directed their attention to all the details during the construction of the kit. The assembly of the kit is pretty easy. Only the assembly of the completed body onto the chassis is a little bit complicated (same as with the original Unimog). Even almost every nuts and bolts can be seen. The springs are real metal ones (!).  Furthermore the engine is an exact replica. 


The slight weathering of the body is done with pastel chalk. The green arrows indicate the few details which I have added.