Scania "Friedenfels"

(Revell, No. 7537)

The Friedenfels Truck of Revell is based on a real truck. The original truck was seen of German truckfests about 2000-2004. In the first year the truck has had no front guard. This has been attached in later years as well as some other details. It is not known whether the truck still exists. According to some rumours the truck does not exist anymore.

Unfortunately Revell did not pay enough attention when they designed the model. The trailer is to short and some parts were taken from the Cologne Truck which is not correct. A big challenge are the very big decals which need to be applied to the truck as well as to the trailer. The following changes were applied to the model.

Semi Tractor:

  • Super Single wheels on the front axle
  • Exhaust pipe on the left side
  • Underrun protection at the rear end
  • Thread plate coverage of the chassis

Semi Trailer:

  • Modified rims
  • Correted wheel base
  • "Lowering" of the body

The truck

The two sights of the finshed model. On the left side you can see the additional exhaust pipe. The pipe is taken from an Italeri accessories kit. The holes are painted black to show more detail. 


The super single front wheel is a resin part supplied by Kit Form Services (KFS). The rim is painted with Alclad-II Polished Aluminium whereas the tire is painted with a mixture of Revell semi gloss black and Revell flat anthracite. The wheel cover is taken from the Italeri accessories kit. The mud guards are cut from a 0.5mm film which is used the cover a garden pond. The Scania sign writing are decals supplied by KFS.


The rims and the underrun protection are painted with Alclad-II Polished Aluminium. The drive axle hub is replaced by an accurate part supplied by M&G Mouldings. The underrun protection was taken from an Italeri trailer kit. The rear lights are painted with Tamiya transparent colors. The mud guard is copied and printed on paper using usual PC equipment. The printout is glued on a 0,5mm film and then superglued on the underrun protection.


The thread plate is taken from the Italeri accessories kit and cut to size. The sides are carefully bend downwards. 

A lot of parts of the semi tractor are covered with decals. Beside storage boxes of the trailer can be seen.

I started with the decal of the roof. Therefore I used Micro Set and Micro Sol to soften the decal. This would allow a good fit to the shapes of the roof. The winkles which can be seen in the picture are a result during the drying phase of Micro Sol. After one day the decal has dried and the wrinkles should be gone.


A part of the roof is not covered by the decals. Lateron the roof air deflector will be located there. The big decal of the rear wall is difficult to apply. Several problem areas need a difficult repair. 


The decals on the right side are partly applied. Until this stage no problems occured. But the big decal on the right side did not apply very well and was torn apart. This needed a careful repair. On the left side I cut the decal into four parts to avoid this problem.


The one pice decal of the front bumper need to be cut into several pieces. Otherwise it cannot be applied. The application of the decals for the front fenders is difficult as well. I cut several slot into the decal otherwise it would not apply to the curves. 

The trailer

Holes were drilled into the rims. Furthermore the rims are painted with Alclad-II Polished Aluminium. The fenders are taken from another Italeri kit. Furthermore the axles were shifted forward about 25mm by cutting out a piece of the chassis. The joint line is strengthened with a small sheet of plastic. Even the body is located too high on the chassis. To solve this problem you just need to turn the bottom inside out. As a result the body sits about 3mm lower on the chassis which looks much more realistic.


The front and the back end is covered with decals as well. These need to be cut to size. Some parts are painted with Alclad-II Chrom. The middle section of the bumper need to be covered with a thin plastic sheet. Otherwise the decal cannot be applied.