Volvo F88

(KFS Transkit , 1:24)

The Volvo F88 is the 'grandfather' of Volvos' FH series. Kit Form Services (KFS) took care about it because this type is not offered by the major kit suppliers. The conversion kit contains all necessary parts. An additional Italeri Volvo kit is necessary too.

The conversion kit itself contains about 50 parts of good quality. The used materials are resin, white metal and photo etched parts. The detailing and cab is very good. Some minor rework of the parts is necessary but that's not unusual for aftermarket parts. In the meantime KFS has completely revised this conversion kit which is now available as a high quality kit in the TQ-range.

Additional modifications

  • Shortened wheel base
  • Dashboard conversion to a left hand drive
  • Modified radiator grille
  • Changed rear lights
  • Extended interior
  • Modified engine
  • Reworked hubs on the drive axle
  • Extended front fenders
  • Susie park added

Used colours

  • Chassis: Revell #34/02 (5/1)
  • Cab: Revell #34, 54, 90
  • Interior: Humbrol #119
  • Engine: Revell #56:75:364 (2:1:2)
  • Lights: clear orange and red

The instruction set of KFS recommends to glue the glazing on the inside of the cab. But I decided to glue the glazing on the outer side which is more realistic. This step needs a lot of time and patience. The rear mirror is covered with chrom foil and the indicator has been replaced by a transparent part.


The tilted cab allows to show the details of the mounted engine. The fenders were completed using some plastic sheet. I used the same material for the mud flaps. Unfortunately there were no pictures of the D10 engine available. Therefore I decided to create my own air intake system. 

The parts of the KFS conversion kit not only contain the cab parts but also include the necessary chassis parts. 


Above you see the converted radiator grille which has been cut out of the KFS part. The parts on the right could be used for the spare parts box. The final touch for the radiator grille is a stripe of Bare Metal Foil. The ventilation flaps are made of 0.3mm plastik sheet. 

The wheelbase should be shortened by 16mm. The photos above show the KFS parts which already are mounted at the chassis. If you have modified the position of the cab mountings, you do not need to modify the front axle position. The left side of the chassis shows you some details of the rear cab mounting. I recommend to fix the massive fuel tank very solid to the chassis. Otherwise the tank might break off the chassis. 


Some modifications of the cab body are necessary if you would like to build a tilting cab. According to the instruction set a part at the front has to be cut out. Furthermore the cab mountings need to be moved 5mm closer to the front. If you intend to build a left hand driven version you need to cut the dashboard into parts (see arrows) and assemble it the other way round. 

As I have not had some pictures of the D10 engine I have taken some modelers license. Therefore some details might be incorrect. The fuel rails are made of 0.3mm copper wire. 


The underside of chassis also shows a lot of details. Some weathering improves the realistic look of the model.