A common problem is the chroming of parts. Up to now this was a complicated and expensive task as only specialized companies could offer the service of chroming parts. You have had to ship the parts to one of these companies and you never know whether the parts will come back in good condition.


An almost perfect remedy is Alclad-II, produced in England. The chrome effect is almost as good as real chromed parts but it's a much cheaper and easier way to get 'chromed' parts.


First I have been rather sceptical whether Alclad-II really proves. But the results are really stunning. It looks almost like chrome and it's very easy to achieve very good results. Believe it or not, you can mirror yourself in the wheel shown below!


The handling of Alclad-II is easy. First you apply gloss black (the best is Revell Nr. 7) on the part and let it dry. But be careful. Every unevenness will be seen later on the finished part. After the gloss black has dried you can apply two or three very thin coats of Alclad-II (wet in wet procedure). But you need an airbrush with a fine nozzle. Alclad-II dries rather fast but you should wait at least one day until you continue your work. You may enhance the brilliance using polishing wool. But be careful, otherwise you rub down the Alclad-II.

The appliaction of Alclad-II "Polished Aluminium" is shown using an Italeri trailer rim. The procedure is the same for the other Alclad-II types, e.g. Chrome. You need an airbrush for the application of Alclad-II. 


The step is only necessary when you intend to use the rim on a trailer with disk brakes (e.g. the Curtainsider trailer of Italeri/Revell). At first the holes are marked with a small nail. 


Next the holes are drilled using a 1.3mm (0.5 inch) drill. 

Step 1

The complete rim is sprayed with a thin coat of base color (e.g. Revell Basic No. 39001). 

Step 2

As the hub has a different color than the rim, a first step of masking is necessary. Most useful is a liqiud masking film (e.g. Revell Color Stop No. 39801). The complete rim is masked, only the hub itself shall not be covered. 

Step 3

The desired color for the hub is applied. 

Step 4

After the paint for the hub has dried you can carefully remove the masking film from the rim. To prepare the next step of painting you need to mask the hub now, i.e. in my example the red painted hub shall be masked. 

Step 5

Now to the most interesting part of the paint job. First the complete rim is painted with gloss black (e.g. Revell No. 7). Let the paint enough time to dry. Next apply two very thin coats of Alclad-II on the rim. If you apply too much Alclad-II you won't get the good effect. Do use the thinnest nozzle which is available for your airbrush. The Alclad-II color dries very fast.

Step 6

Now it is time to carefully remove the masking film from the hub. To improve the shine of the wheel you can carefully polish the rim using polishing wool. But don't use polishing wax! 

Step 7

The rim is completed according to the instruction set. 

Step 8

The final step is reached. The tire can be mounted now. But before mounting the tire I recommend to rub the tire with a 240 sanding paper. This gives the tire a much more realistic appearance. An air valve adds the final touch. It is made out of a 0.4mm (1/6 inch) wire.