Fuel Tank Details

The strap details of the fuel tanks are often poor. With a little additional work you can improve the details almost to a realistic finish. 

Step 1

Paint the bracket according to the color of the chassis (if necessary). 

Step 2

This step describes how the straps are painted. There are two possibilities:


A) When you use a self-adhesive foil (e.g. Bare Metal Foil) simply cut stripes it into shape and apply them on the straps of the tank. (see left photo).


B) If the color of the straps should be the same as the color of the chassis you should apply a stripe of masking film on each side of the fuel tank first. After this procedure you can paint the strap.

Step 3

Between the fuel tank and the strap there is a rubber band. To simulate this effect I use a 0.1'' adhesive tape. You can get such a tape in electronic shops. Usually such tapes are used for the design of print boards. 

Step 4

Your work is finished when you have applied the thin stripes on both sides of the strap.