How to replace standard Hubs


Especially the hubs of the Italeri trucks are unrealistic. Therefore it is the best to replace them by aftermarket parts. (e.g. KFS, M&G Mouldings). 

Step 1

Remove from the inner rim the part that usally carries the outer rim.


Left: rim out of the box

Right: converted rim


Step 2

Remove the hub of the outer rim. You can either use a drill or a lathe (pay attention). After that drill an appropriate hole (diameter corresponding to the axle diameter) into the hub. 

Step 3

The axle has to be shortened by approximately 4-5mm. The inner rim/tire is put onto the axle.

Step 4


Glue the new hub on the axle. But pay attention to the rim. It should still rotate. 

Step 5

At the last step the outer rim and tire is mounted on the inner rim. Please use only a small amount of glue. Otherwise the wheel might not rotate afterwards.