Schmitz Curtainsider Trailer

(Italeri 3809, Revell 7562, 1:24)

The curtainsider trailer of Italeri/Revell is one of the best trailer kits available on the market. The original trailer is the SCS type built by Schmitz. The kit is easy to build and I have used the decal set of Revell.


The trailer hooked up on an Iveco EuroStar semi tractor represents a typical European truck/trailer combination.

The rims were painted with Alclad-II "Polished Aluminium". The buckles are photoetched parts from the KFS range. The rims are modified compared to the kit. I have added additional holes and air valves. The rim comparison (see photo two) shows the difference compared to the kit rim. The upper rims were modified and painted with Alclad-II whereas the rims below were painted with Humbrol No.11 (chrome silver). 


I have added wiring on the axles for additional detailing. These are made from copper wire and other aftermarket parts.


Details of the control unit, spare wheel compartment and underrun protection are part of the standard kit as well. But some drops of paint add interest. 


The rear view of the trailer also offers a lot of details. The number plate is made by myself. The rear lights were covered with Bare metal Foil and then painted with transparent paint of Tamiya.