Peterbilt 359 (4 axle)

(Monogram 2500, 1:16)

The model was built in the late 1980's. I have taken a photo in a trucking magazine as reference. Such trucks are a common sight in Canada. Three kits have been necessary to build this truck. The following changes of the sstandard kit have been made:

  • conversion into a 4-axle version
  • additional air filter on the right side
  • wiring of the engine
  • working steering
  • headache rack at the backside of the sleeper
  • additional tanks and boxes

The 4th axle came from the second kit. Therefore the original chassis was cut in front of the first rear axle. The additional air filter (also taken from the second kit) required a modification of the engine hood. As I did not have reference photos of the air path from the filter towards the turbo (at that time the Internet has not been invented) I have taken some modler's license. The headache rack consists of parts from the Monogram Fruehauf flatbed trailer, Italeri chequer plate and plstic sheet.